Monday, March 21, 2011

Steps To Success

Follow the steps below to maximize your chance at securing a long term monthly residual income.
1. Read The Frequently Asked Questions Page
  • The FAQ page provides a detailed understanding of the Team. It also gives you the knowledge to answer any questions about the.
2. Begin Your eMail Campaign
  • Click on the Refer A Friend link to learn how effectively promote your product or service.
3. Begin Social Network Recruiting on Facebook
  • Click on the Facebook Recruiting Guide link for detailed instructions on how to recruit on Facebook. We have several  partners that have successfully recruited over 100 people on Facebook!
4. Add Team  Video to Your Website or Blog
5. Add Banners to Your Website or Blog
6. Visit the Business Opportunity Learning Center
7. Read the Business Opportunity Reviews
  • Click on the Business Opportunity Reviews link to review business opportunities submitted by  partners for consideration. Please feel free to add your comments and feedback.
8. Use Your Message Center (Important!)
  • Your back office Message Center contains valuable information and updates to help you build your team. You can also use the Message Center to communicate directly with other Team partners. Click on the Message Center link daily for the latest updates and information.
9. Make a Serious Commitment to Building Your Business
  • There is no secret to success with the Team Golden New Beginnings. The more time you spend building your team the more success you will have. Commit a minimum of 30-45 minutes per day to building your team.