Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prayer for financial recovery

                                                                        Prayer for financial recovery
Father, Carolyne and I thank you for the clarity of your Word, Lord you did not give us some atherial or unreachable roadmap to recovery. Lord, you showed us in the life of David who went from running to reining in the kingdom-five immutable steps for recovery. We choose first to encourage ourselves in the Lord, we do not accept our losses. Carolyne and I accept there is a time to gain and a time to lose. There is a season for our recovery; when we receive our recovery it tells the spirit world that when they mess with  us, we will mess with them and take back what was stolen in our season of recovery…as it says in Romans 8:34 and Ecclesiastes 3.
Father, your blood and your Word redeemed us. There is one thing that will not change and that is your Word when it comes to the promise of our recovery. We choose now to praise you in the middle of our trials because your Word says so…we ask for forgiveness for our sins. It is forgiven and forgotten by grace. Thank you Jesus, Carolyne and I have a promise in our hearts-that your blood forgives us for all our sins-we hate the insanity of our sins-because it separated us from you.
Father, Carolyne and I thank you for your spirit right now-we thank you for your anointing-we are on the roadmap to our recovery-with courage we will arise and recover it all. We will obey and recover it all this day!!  We will not be afraid any more-Heavenly Father, Carolyne and I bow our hearts to you right now; fear is broken off our lives, in the name of Jesus. We step on our fear. In Jesus name, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and a sound mind. We will take our next step without fear, In the name of Jesus, we will fear no evil.  Carolyne and I come in to agreement to step out into our recovery by doing what God told us to do. In the name of Jesus, Father we come into agreement right now under the shawl covering. That supernatural revelation will flow…Father, we’re going to recover all we’ve lost. We are not going to focus on the problem any more, but on your promises.
Father, we come into agreement right now with all that are involved in our recovery. We claim that we’ll recover a right relationship with God; loss of self-respect, loss of people, family, we will recover one hundred fold any loss of property.
We’re getting our recovery so that we can have a church after your will. For the glory of God we recover it all. We rebuke unbelief in us and all that are part of our recovery. We will walk in kingly reign. Lord, according to the covenant you’ve made with us, we will recover supernaturally our soteria.
In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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