Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Word From God

A Word From God...                                                                                                                            July 3rd, 2012

Today's message is a follow up to my message on June 25th.  In that message I shared some insights as to how I dealt with adversity and deep cuts to my pride.  During this time I spent time reaching out to my Father God and this is the Word he gave me, 'with a promise!'  
When I was in jail before I lost everything dear to me, I made a promise to God that I'd put him first, even if it meant losing all that I'd worked for; my home, family, my church family and my business, even my health.  Well, to this day I've kept that promise.  The tough part for anyone, including myself, is admitting they played a part in their own misgivings, wrong choices and lost relationships.  
Before all of the biggest trials had begun I ran to God's Word and delved into a study on God's love for three months, which in turn gave me the foundation for what was to come so I could handle it all with as much grace as humanly possible.  Knowing how much God loved even me, knowing all of my own mistakes and yet he still loved me.  Thinking back to that time now, I remember a question my wife Lisa asked of me, she asked, "what do you see when you see me?"...I told her I see her with eyes of our father... you see, he sees us not as we are but as we can be in spite of our choices.  In His eyes, just like how we should see our own children, God sees us with nothing missing and nothing broken.
When Lisa first asked me that question I knew in my heart of hearts what was 'possible' for us and that love could prevail, but unless we both were to take that path together that is the only way for His best.   From that ideal, I now can say, His promises still stand true, just the path has been changed so we can still glorify Him in it all if we will just trust it in His hands.  
Now, let me share the promise I received shortly after I made the move from everything I held dear to me and into the next chapter of this journey.  In the coming months I had been given a gift from a pastor friend on the life of David, teaching on his journey from running to reigning in the kingdom from the book 1 Samuel 30 and 1 Samuel 31.  In that teaching David first 'encouraged himself in the Lord'.  He did NOT accept his losses. There is a settled season for our recovery taught in this Word.   There is a time to gain and a time to lose; there is a biblical attitude to loss.  What you lose you can regain SEVEN fold.  When we receive it all it tells the Spirit world that when they mess with us we will mess with them.  (Ecclesiastes 3  & Romans 8:34)
David encouraged himself in the Lord. David pursued his enemies. David recovered all.  REJOICE!!
David gave all of his spoils to those who were there for him on his journey while he was on the run.  This giving perpetuated his recovery.  
*Some people believe that they can’t recover it all because they realize that it was their fault where they are and the position they are in.
It is as foreign to the Bible as Satanism that because we have been the cause of our own downfall that we cannot recover it all. (Simon Peter)
Jesus has already cooked the meal to celebrate your recovery.  We serve a God of the Lost and found.

Wow, now that is a promise!
It's been a long road it seems. There is much to be thankful for, but I'm tireless in my pursuit to see this promise come true to show the world that our Father is still alive in our trials and triumphs.  I will live to see the day where there is nothing broken and nothing missing 'in this life' and into the next.  That's not the end either, because so many need hope.  

I pray today like this,"My prayer for today is that my mind is sharp with wisdom and knowledge of your Word with serious purpose. I receive greater learning and am wisely guided.  I choose to fear You Lord and trust you in all things.  I receive goods of great price and my house is full of great wealth in every area of my life."

Take a moment and give thanks, I know I will for each and every one of you!

See you soon,
Wayne Meadows
Golden New Beginnings are yours TODAY

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Manifesting your destiny

 From The Desk of Wayne Meadows                                                                June 28th, 2012

Where do you go when where you are isn't where you ‘choose’ to be?  You notice what I asked here?   I did not ask ‘how’.   The ‘how’ will manifest itself when you ‘see’ the direction you want to go.  If you want to lose weight, for instance, you first need to see the end result of being skinny.  When you say to yourself that you want to lose weight, then look in the mirror, all you see is the fact of you being overweight. It’s impossible to focus all your attention on the future (thin) without thinking of the present (overweight). How can you not think about being broke if you don’t have the money to pay your accounts? 
That’s where the prophetic comes into being, and trust me it works! 
Even though your history may have brought you present misery, your destiny can bring you manifested freedom, and once you taste of that freedom you are driven and motivated to move toward your goal rapidly.
So we are stuck with our present situation - how do we make it go away? As I said, you can’t un-create it, but you can IMPROVE it and actually conquer it. The beginning of prophetic imagination is to begin CONQUERING your mountain. A mountain doesn’t always disappear,but it can be conquered. Step by step, mile by mile, foot by foot, it can be conquered. What did Biblical figure Caleb do at the age of 85? He said to Joshua, “NOW GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN.”
The mountain was filled with giants, but Caleb knew that unless he conquered the mountain and took control of it, he would never rule over it.
We have just started to conquer our mountain in 2012 and I believe with my whole heart that many of you will be manifesting freedom from debt, bit by bit, quicker than you could IMAGINE.

I know for myself, for instance, when I made the choice back in middle school (late 1970’s) to go from fighting, to ‘becoming a fighter,’  I had to first ask what direction I wanted to go. Then I had to ask myself,” what do I need in order to obtain the end result?  Were the coaches I was being trained by going to have the skill-sets to direct my path so I could reach the top of my game?  No.  Once I saw that I could make the right choice to obtain right training, the funds to do so would make itself available only when I knew where I was headed.   I knew that to become a golden glove fighter many things were going to have to change; I couldn’t think like I did before. I had to train like I never trained before.  From there, the most important preparation was not only in the physicality of my workouts but also in the foods I ate.
I am sure by now you are following my train of thought…everything you know about what direction you choose to go may not be what you have been accustomed to.  That is why we need mentors, educators and trainers to help us change whatever needs to be changed to see the end results we desire. 
Think of how amazing this journey now will be when we know that the end result is a foregone conclusion.  Life every day will bring its own rewards and we won’t be drawn so much to whether we’ve made our goals, but that our goals will surely manifest because we already know we are always making the right choices.  Listen to that sweet small voice of hope by earnestly expecting it all will work out in the end. 
For the purposes of this discussion I want to now direct my thoughts to where I want to go in my own life goals and why I’ve chosen this path.  In my last blog post I talked about who I am and what direction I’ve chosen to go with gold buying (cash for gold).  I know I need to bring more resources into my coffers so I can start the buying process.   The one thing I need to stress first to anyone donating funds is that I see the moneys being donated as a means to an end and never  ‘mine to use for my own purposes’... UNTIL I’ve made a profit from said funds.  To me, that is the honorable thing to do.  There is no other way to be!
I’m so looking forward to empowering others along this journey with all of you; whether you donate or not is nothing more than a personal choice.  If you see the value in the purpose at hand then make that right choice.  Trust this one thing, there will be a lot of people along this path that will surely thank you for making the right choice to see this all bring much fruit.  

Isn’t it time for a Golden New Beginning?

I’ll see you soon,
K.Wayne Meadows
Bless You

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prayer for financial recovery

                                                                        Prayer for financial recovery
Father, Carolyne and I thank you for the clarity of your Word, Lord you did not give us some atherial or unreachable roadmap to recovery. Lord, you showed us in the life of David who went from running to reining in the kingdom-five immutable steps for recovery. We choose first to encourage ourselves in the Lord, we do not accept our losses. Carolyne and I accept there is a time to gain and a time to lose. There is a season for our recovery; when we receive our recovery it tells the spirit world that when they mess with  us, we will mess with them and take back what was stolen in our season of recovery…as it says in Romans 8:34 and Ecclesiastes 3.
Father, your blood and your Word redeemed us. There is one thing that will not change and that is your Word when it comes to the promise of our recovery. We choose now to praise you in the middle of our trials because your Word says so…we ask for forgiveness for our sins. It is forgiven and forgotten by grace. Thank you Jesus, Carolyne and I have a promise in our hearts-that your blood forgives us for all our sins-we hate the insanity of our sins-because it separated us from you.
Father, Carolyne and I thank you for your spirit right now-we thank you for your anointing-we are on the roadmap to our recovery-with courage we will arise and recover it all. We will obey and recover it all this day!!  We will not be afraid any more-Heavenly Father, Carolyne and I bow our hearts to you right now; fear is broken off our lives, in the name of Jesus. We step on our fear. In Jesus name, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and a sound mind. We will take our next step without fear, In the name of Jesus, we will fear no evil.  Carolyne and I come in to agreement to step out into our recovery by doing what God told us to do. In the name of Jesus, Father we come into agreement right now under the shawl covering. That supernatural revelation will flow…Father, we’re going to recover all we’ve lost. We are not going to focus on the problem any more, but on your promises.
Father, we come into agreement right now with all that are involved in our recovery. We claim that we’ll recover a right relationship with God; loss of self-respect, loss of people, family, we will recover one hundred fold any loss of property.
We’re getting our recovery so that we can have a church after your will. For the glory of God we recover it all. We rebuke unbelief in us and all that are part of our recovery. We will walk in kingly reign. Lord, according to the covenant you’ve made with us, we will recover supernaturally our soteria.
In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I'd like to take a few to share my story and shed some light as to who Wayne Meadows is and what motivates me.
To keep this story from becoming a book, for the purposes of why I'm writing this I'm only going back to 1999 when my life made a major life altering turn.
At that time my wife and I found out we were pregnant after over eight years of not being able to do so.  After many years (Ten years) of dealing with my wife's health issues from fybromyalgia, we had made the choice to do something different the year previous. We decided to get healthy, novel idea I know. Not only did she get off all her medications over the next year, she had no more symptoms or pain and lost the weight from being bed ridden for three years.
I had an amazing job that I thrived in in Washington state in the small town of Sumner,Washington; my wife had finally been able to go back to work as a cosmetoligist in the same town.  Life was really going so well.
Well, after getting the news of our new life coming in the near future my wife asked if we could move closer to her family back in Oregon.  So I made a trip to Oregon and got a job right away doing the same work I was doing in Sumner.  We made arrangements to live with one of my family members till we could make the transition and gain the moneys we needed while preparing for the baby.
The new job I had taken was never even close to what I was expecting even though I was making all the right efforts that made me so successful in Washington. I lost my job, we lost our place to live when my family found out, which in turn, soon after, my wife went into premature labor because of the stress.
Being almost 38 years old and having preclamsea, the doctors gave me a choice...choose her life or the babies.  My answer immediately was to look the Dr. in the eyes and say,"You will save them both, and I want to be in the delivery room holding her hand while you do the c-section."
Thank God they both pulled through that and both of them were in the hospital for six weeks.  I was sleeping in the hospital at night while looking for work during the day.
During the first few days of doing that I went before God and asked Him what I should do, I had faith and wanted to only trust.  God said that I should go knocking on doors at local businesses and tell them I'd be willing to detail cars and ask questions as to who I should talk to in the community.
That next day as I was telling the business owners my story, honestly pouring my heart out that I just wanted a chance and I'm willing to prove I'm worthy of their trust.  One of the first gentleman said he'd be more than happy to let me work on their work trucks, and they were in serious need of my touch.  This same gentleman said I should go and talk to Chuck Summers of Summers Classic cars in Glenwood, Oregon.  What he did not know is that I had many years experience restoring cars, so I didn't wait to go see Chuck.  After sharing my story with Chuck he said, "follow me", took be to a building that he owned behind a new showroom he was having prepared for his new classic car showroom. Coincidence?   I don't think so.
After listening to my confidence of my abilities with painting cars Chuck took me to this building and opened it up; this place was so amazing.  It had three RV bays with a paint booth to boot.  He said he'll let me do one car, he'll pay for all the supplies and if it's as good as I say it will be, he'll let me have the shop to work in at no charge if I'll give him a fair deal on all the new classics he's planning on investing in.
Needless to say that car was a show stopper, a gorgeous black  GTO that we put on the showroom floor displaying my name as the painter.  My business grew and grew like mad. Chuck and I made many trips to the classic car auctions and taking calls for local work from classic car enthusiasts around the Willamette Valley.
Over the next few years my goals were being met and more, I had a mobile paint repair business along with my restoration business. My father worked in the field with me; I'd even restored my relationship with my father. I was able to pick up seasonal work working on motor homes too doing paint repairs.
My family had purchased our dream home in a small town near Eugene, Oregon in a town called Junction city a few years later.  Life was becoming more than we could have imagined.
My eldest son had moved back home and I was able to help him secure a job working for a friends roofing business.  John, my eldest, started drinking heavily and doing drugs while living in our home.  I had zero tolerance for this and that unfortunately put a huge stress on my marriage.  Things were getting very volatile after many months of disagreements and turmoil. Well, one night I had enough and went after my son, who is 6'7",  when John decided to defy my rules and tell me he had no intentions of quitting or leaving my home.  I made the first move and went after him.  My wife jumped in the way and John ran out to get away.  She ended up getting hurt of course, so she made a call to the authorities and I spent a few nights in jail.
While I was in jail I made a promise to God, no matter what happens from this point on I'd put Him first no matter what!!
I kept that promise...as you'll hear later, the road from this point on was not going to go well.  When I went before the judge a few weeks later with my wife by my side, I asked the judge if I could go through a class called Restoration Ministries if my wife agreed to go also.  He agreed, I went to the classes, which goes on for three months, two nights a week for three hours a night.  Unfortunately my wife had no intentions of walking that line and making a way for us to keep our marriage strong and bringing restoration to our family.
John was still home living with us and the drugs were becoming more than a problem.  After too many fights I asked both my wife and son to move out or I'd call the authorities. Having her there was not going to keep John away so I got good counsel and made the tough choice to have them both move out.
Oh, the peace in my home with my youngest son Hunter was so needed!!
I knew that things were not going to last as far as that peace in my home when I heard from trusted friends that John and my wife were running out of places for him to hide since he was wanted by the police. That came to head after about seven months when my wife came over to see our youngest.  I knew right way in my spirit that she was up to something so I told her it was a bad time for her and her best friend's unannounced visit and she'd have to come back another day.  About twenty minutes later they sweet talked their way into the home, attacked me, punched me and then ran out of the home to call the authorities.  The local police came in and talked to me first, asked all their questions, then went to hear their story.  Of course, their story couldn't hold water so the police told them they needed to leave and not come back that night.  After they left, the police asked if I wanted to press charges, I said no, them leaving was all I cared to see.  Big mistake!!
The next night the police came over with a restraining order for me to leave my own home.  Even though it was a false restraining order the police had to do their job and escort me out. I had a half an hour to gather my things, so i placed as much as I could in my Corvette, made a call to my neighbor to borrow his truck so I could move the most valuable things that might get sold including all my guns.
Thank God, I called a close friend who was on vacation for three weeks and he gave me permission to stay at his place while figuring my next move.
Think about what my actions could have been here...anger?  resentment? Fury?  NO!!
I took that whole night and spent it praising God for all the things i had been through over the last several months.  It says in God's word to "praise Him in all things", not about all things.  So that is exactly what I chose to do.
For the next two weeks I went to work, told God I'd be patient, UNTIL I got a Word from Him as to my next move.  I finally got word to call my wife so I could have my youngest son for the coming weekend.  What she did not know is that the local police force knew me very well, my cars were always in the public eye.  I made a call to the local drug enforcement officer and told him where to find John and how to pick him up.  I knew his habits of course.  Now that Hunter was out of harms way the swat team showed up exactly when and how I told them.
I was not happy to have to turn my son in, but when his and his mothers choices began to infiltrate my home again it was all the motive I needed to protect the sanctity of God's home he provided.  John spent three and a half years in prison for his crimes.
God told me to not go back to my home and he'd make a way for me to get my wife to purchase the home so I could move on...the only thing was I was to not take custody of my youngest in the process.  Again, I trusted His direction, she did buy the home and I moved out of the area.
I took ten months off and restored my relationship with my brother Keith, whom I had not seen in many years.
 What I did not know is that I would get cancer in the tenth month (December 19th, 2005).  Now it made sense why I was not to have custody of my youngest.
Just shortly before the diagnosis I had taken a part time job at a local Athletic Club, this job allowed me the time to listen to God's Word during my work schedule since I worked at night taking care of the swimming pools and Gym locker areas.  I learned very well how to give all my cares to God and praise Him no matter how I felt.
By March of 2006 I had no more cancer!!
God provided the healing.
Even though I had lost my family, my business I'd come to love, my health was devastated and I'd gained almost forty pounds; I knew God would prevail.  From March of 2006 when the cancer was no longer in my life, I made the choice to start working out at the club I worked at.  With God's help I lost thirty eight pounds in eight weeks.
Since I was feeling so much healthier and wanting to make a better living I decided to take a job at Comcast as an installer of cable TV, internet and phone...only one problem, I never took the time to ask God if I should.  For the next several years I made one mistake after another trying to make things work with different jobs but having NO success.  To make things even worse I decided after a short affair with a young single mother in Oregon City, we decided to move in together and life was fun but God was not in it along for the ride.  She was successful and had an amazing home, so I decided to take advantage of my skills and use her shop and RV area to start working on cars again.
The relationship fell apart after a few years when she lost her job after twenty years of working for the company. We both began to realize that our goals were not the same and we weren't in love but had a healthy respect for each other and were just going through life and not growing in our relationship. I moved back to where I started my business before, with the thought of starting over.
 I ended up homeless for a time, with no vehicle.  Though I was homeless I had made contact with a friend, Jim, whom I'd done business with over the years and made contact.  While talking to him about my situation a gentleman came by the office and Jim shared with this other person my story and things opened up about a studio apartment he had that was empty in his office building.  If I could come up with the cash in the next week or so I could move in.  So we went over and looked at the studio, I made the commitment to get the cash.  My new friend Marv and I became close friends over the next week and I was able to make enough cash to pay the first months rent.  Marv's concern was whether I was able to sustain the cash to keep up on the rent, he had a need for an assistant but did not have the money from his Land Survey business to pay me a wage, so I offered him my hand in helping him if I could keep the apartment.  Whenever Marv had a job that needed an extra hand I made myself available.  This went on over the next year and even though I was not making much money, but from small jobs I picked up, it I was very thankful for all the kindness.
Now we'll go to March of 2011, I came up to Salem, Oregon to visit my mother.  Even though we'd kept in contact she never told me how bad her health was getting.  I told her my job I had just ended with Marv and I'd be staying with her and get her health back.  At that same time a friend in Maryland called and offered me a spot with a new start up company...I shared that I had no money to start anything new but I'd look at it and see if it was something I'd like.
My friend Charles called back and said he'd be willing to put up the small amount of money because he felt that with my skills I should go ahead and give it my best shot.  Not only did it go well, but I made enough money and helped bring in a good following that I turned a ten dollar a month investment into a little over $500 a month.
Through the next year I made many efforts to also find full time employment with no success; I kept educating myself on things that can sustain a steady income no matter what the economy.  The one thing that kept showing up in the news and in certain publications I trusted was Gold.  How could I ever invest in Gold when I had no cash to do so?  I started asking God for solutions.  The one thing on my heart too was how could I do this and help people at the same time.  It all started coming to me through a training course offered by a mentor named Preston.  It took all the guess work out of how to buy, who to sell to, and how to evaluate the value of gold.  Included in this course was all the knowledge with an easy to understand way of doing this that duplicate's easily too.
This was beginning to really get exciting, my goals were clear and even better I could help so many people who needed to sell their gold while educating them in the process so they trusted me. Even if they were not interested in a business most all of them would share their experience with friends and family so I'd have a following of interested parties. Beyond all that I'll be taking this idea and creating a fun engaging game to play at gold parties for those who choose to share with their friends.  This idea had already been done with the investor Robert Kyosaki's 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' games.
Even though I've got work to do to build the game idea, nothing is stopping me from buying gold and starting the cash flowing right away.  That and all the details of the game play will come together from getting into peoples homes and just doing the gold parties. Of course I need the cash to buy gold, that is why I've started the fund raiser idea (https://www.wepay.com/donations/golden-new-beginnings)
I expect there will be more questions on this and my business plan goals, feel free to follow my blog here and I'll be updating all that soon!!