Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Gift of Failure

In these times of lack, poverty and turmoil is the opportunity for each of us to really take an honest look at what we want to place our values in and how we can impact our personal economy.
One thing I've taught my children is that with every choice we choose to make has an impact. When we choose to smoke, the impact is not just on our health but in the lives of the people around us and the example we set.
Recently I made a very major choice to become part of the Corporate Team of Green Product Development Company...the offer I took was based on my personal performance and the Team I build 'before' I get the chance to receive a salary.
To me, the real choice was not about what I'd get out of it but more about what impact I'd have the opportunity give into the lives of the people who NEED such an opportunity!
Each of YOU has value...what does that mean to you?
When someone plays a part in their own economy by sharing products that are Green Certified, their impact will have a more lasting effect in a positive way.
It's more about what you DO, than what you say about this place we all call home. When it comes to schools, your church and your community, we owe it to the ones we care about to just do our part my friends.

May Favor and Blessings be the order of YOUR Day,

Wayne Meadows-Social Media Director
Become a Founding member of the Greatest Green Product Company on Earth. If you really want to put me to the test, I welcome the challenge to do just that by showing you why.

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