Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Word From God

A Word From God...                                                                                                                            July 3rd, 2012

Today's message is a follow up to my message on June 25th.  In that message I shared some insights as to how I dealt with adversity and deep cuts to my pride.  During this time I spent time reaching out to my Father God and this is the Word he gave me, 'with a promise!'  
When I was in jail before I lost everything dear to me, I made a promise to God that I'd put him first, even if it meant losing all that I'd worked for; my home, family, my church family and my business, even my health.  Well, to this day I've kept that promise.  The tough part for anyone, including myself, is admitting they played a part in their own misgivings, wrong choices and lost relationships.  
Before all of the biggest trials had begun I ran to God's Word and delved into a study on God's love for three months, which in turn gave me the foundation for what was to come so I could handle it all with as much grace as humanly possible.  Knowing how much God loved even me, knowing all of my own mistakes and yet he still loved me.  Thinking back to that time now, I remember a question my wife Lisa asked of me, she asked, "what do you see when you see me?"...I told her I see her with eyes of our father... you see, he sees us not as we are but as we can be in spite of our choices.  In His eyes, just like how we should see our own children, God sees us with nothing missing and nothing broken.
When Lisa first asked me that question I knew in my heart of hearts what was 'possible' for us and that love could prevail, but unless we both were to take that path together that is the only way for His best.   From that ideal, I now can say, His promises still stand true, just the path has been changed so we can still glorify Him in it all if we will just trust it in His hands.  
Now, let me share the promise I received shortly after I made the move from everything I held dear to me and into the next chapter of this journey.  In the coming months I had been given a gift from a pastor friend on the life of David, teaching on his journey from running to reigning in the kingdom from the book 1 Samuel 30 and 1 Samuel 31.  In that teaching David first 'encouraged himself in the Lord'.  He did NOT accept his losses. There is a settled season for our recovery taught in this Word.   There is a time to gain and a time to lose; there is a biblical attitude to loss.  What you lose you can regain SEVEN fold.  When we receive it all it tells the Spirit world that when they mess with us we will mess with them.  (Ecclesiastes 3  & Romans 8:34)
David encouraged himself in the Lord. David pursued his enemies. David recovered all.  REJOICE!!
David gave all of his spoils to those who were there for him on his journey while he was on the run.  This giving perpetuated his recovery.  
*Some people believe that they can’t recover it all because they realize that it was their fault where they are and the position they are in.
It is as foreign to the Bible as Satanism that because we have been the cause of our own downfall that we cannot recover it all. (Simon Peter)
Jesus has already cooked the meal to celebrate your recovery.  We serve a God of the Lost and found.

Wow, now that is a promise!
It's been a long road it seems. There is much to be thankful for, but I'm tireless in my pursuit to see this promise come true to show the world that our Father is still alive in our trials and triumphs.  I will live to see the day where there is nothing broken and nothing missing 'in this life' and into the next.  That's not the end either, because so many need hope.  

I pray today like this,"My prayer for today is that my mind is sharp with wisdom and knowledge of your Word with serious purpose. I receive greater learning and am wisely guided.  I choose to fear You Lord and trust you in all things.  I receive goods of great price and my house is full of great wealth in every area of my life."

Take a moment and give thanks, I know I will for each and every one of you!

See you soon,
Wayne Meadows
Golden New Beginnings are yours TODAY

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