Saturday, June 30, 2012

Manifesting your destiny

 From The Desk of Wayne Meadows                                                                June 28th, 2012

Where do you go when where you are isn't where you ‘choose’ to be?  You notice what I asked here?   I did not ask ‘how’.   The ‘how’ will manifest itself when you ‘see’ the direction you want to go.  If you want to lose weight, for instance, you first need to see the end result of being skinny.  When you say to yourself that you want to lose weight, then look in the mirror, all you see is the fact of you being overweight. It’s impossible to focus all your attention on the future (thin) without thinking of the present (overweight). How can you not think about being broke if you don’t have the money to pay your accounts? 
That’s where the prophetic comes into being, and trust me it works! 
Even though your history may have brought you present misery, your destiny can bring you manifested freedom, and once you taste of that freedom you are driven and motivated to move toward your goal rapidly.
So we are stuck with our present situation - how do we make it go away? As I said, you can’t un-create it, but you can IMPROVE it and actually conquer it. The beginning of prophetic imagination is to begin CONQUERING your mountain. A mountain doesn’t always disappear,but it can be conquered. Step by step, mile by mile, foot by foot, it can be conquered. What did Biblical figure Caleb do at the age of 85? He said to Joshua, “NOW GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN.”
The mountain was filled with giants, but Caleb knew that unless he conquered the mountain and took control of it, he would never rule over it.
We have just started to conquer our mountain in 2012 and I believe with my whole heart that many of you will be manifesting freedom from debt, bit by bit, quicker than you could IMAGINE.

I know for myself, for instance, when I made the choice back in middle school (late 1970’s) to go from fighting, to ‘becoming a fighter,’  I had to first ask what direction I wanted to go. Then I had to ask myself,” what do I need in order to obtain the end result?  Were the coaches I was being trained by going to have the skill-sets to direct my path so I could reach the top of my game?  No.  Once I saw that I could make the right choice to obtain right training, the funds to do so would make itself available only when I knew where I was headed.   I knew that to become a golden glove fighter many things were going to have to change; I couldn’t think like I did before. I had to train like I never trained before.  From there, the most important preparation was not only in the physicality of my workouts but also in the foods I ate.
I am sure by now you are following my train of thought…everything you know about what direction you choose to go may not be what you have been accustomed to.  That is why we need mentors, educators and trainers to help us change whatever needs to be changed to see the end results we desire. 
Think of how amazing this journey now will be when we know that the end result is a foregone conclusion.  Life every day will bring its own rewards and we won’t be drawn so much to whether we’ve made our goals, but that our goals will surely manifest because we already know we are always making the right choices.  Listen to that sweet small voice of hope by earnestly expecting it all will work out in the end. 
For the purposes of this discussion I want to now direct my thoughts to where I want to go in my own life goals and why I’ve chosen this path.  In my last blog post I talked about who I am and what direction I’ve chosen to go with gold buying (cash for gold).  I know I need to bring more resources into my coffers so I can start the buying process.   The one thing I need to stress first to anyone donating funds is that I see the moneys being donated as a means to an end and never  ‘mine to use for my own purposes’... UNTIL I’ve made a profit from said funds.  To me, that is the honorable thing to do.  There is no other way to be!
I’m so looking forward to empowering others along this journey with all of you; whether you donate or not is nothing more than a personal choice.  If you see the value in the purpose at hand then make that right choice.  Trust this one thing, there will be a lot of people along this path that will surely thank you for making the right choice to see this all bring much fruit.  

Isn’t it time for a Golden New Beginning?

I’ll see you soon,
K.Wayne Meadows
Bless You

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